Air Module Settings and Alerts

Select the parameters measured & set alerts according to your needs.

Select the Parameters Measured According to Your Needs.

The air quality parameters to be monitored vary according to the use case: air quality compliance, fast & accurate decision, comply with regulations...

Therefore, the parameters visible in the Air Module dashboard are linked to the model of the sensor used. The Air Module allows to visualize all types of parameters.

To know how to choose the parameters, please refer to the Air Module tutorial video.

Define alerts

For each parameter, the user will be able to define their own alert thresholds, which will allow them to visualize the level of water quality at a single look.

The Air Module allows the user to set 2 alert thresholds for each measured parameter.

Normal situation

If no threshold is exceeded, the indicator is displayed in green.

Warning situation

If threshold 1 is exceeded, the indicator will be displayed in orange.

Alert situation

If threshold 2 is exceeded, the indicator will be displayed in red.

No data reception

If the sensor is not receiving data, the indicator will be displayed in grey.

These alerts are visible in real-time within the Air Module Dashboard.

Email or text alerts can be configured according to your subscription level.