Downtime estimate

Downtime estimate in Metocean Analytics

These are given in downloadable Excel (.xlsx) files, compressed in a .zip archive.

There is one file per breakdown (per month, per bi-week, and per week).

In each file, the first sheet contains the monthly/biweekly exceedance probabilities of each limiting environment defined in the operation planning.

The following sheets give the downtime estimate for the whole Operation, then for each Trip independently, then for each Task independently.

Downtime estimate are given by month or by fortnight, and for a set of percentiles. For instance, P50 will give the median extended duration (that one can expect with a 50% chance), if one starts the Operation (or Trip, or Task) in the given month / fortnight. The “P90“ gives the completion duration one can expect with a 90% chance (meaning there is 10% chance the actual duration would exceed P90).