How to Get Started with the ETA Prediction API?

Everything you need to start using the ETA Prediction API, from key generation to first call.

About the API

How does the calculation work

Sinay's ETA Prediction API provides reliable ETA Predictions based on machine learning algorithms that combine both real-time situational awareness and years of historical data.

Compiling data such as port congestion status, chosen route and vessel performance, the API will deliver calculated ETAs for any vessel worldwide.

Port and Vessel Coverage

The API covers worldwide seaports and all commercial vessels covered by AIS.

If a Port is not covered by our system, an approximation to the closest covered port is done. ETA calculations that are approximated have a lower confidence score and are notified as such.

What can the API be used for?

Sinay's ETA Prediction API can be integrated into any system to automate ETA predictions for Track & Trace solutions, vessel tracking, port call optimization and planning. ETA predictions can also be used to optimize multi-modal shipping in order to plan the next leg of the journey based on vessel arrival.

How to Generate an API Key

You can generate your own API Key from the ETA Calculator module. You will need to sign-in or create a free account first.

Your trial key will be available for 30 days for free. Once 30 days have passed, you can request a permanent key and choose a paid plan with our sales team.

Once your API Key has been generated, you can start using it freely and make as many calls you need to test it in real conditions.

Start Using the API

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