How does it work?

How does Advanced Weather Downtime work in Metocean Analytics?

You can access this tool in your Metocean Analytics projects. Once you entered your project, navigate to the ADVANCED WEATHER DOWNTIME section on the top banner. Then select the location at which your operation will take place, on the map or in the left panel. This allows you to input the planning of a marine operation and to submit it to Metocean Analytics.

Metocean Analytics will simulate thousands of operations and calculate the downtime for each one. Once this is complete, it will produce an archive containing Excel (.xlsx) files (see an example here). The files provide information about the non-exceedance probabilities of given workability conditions, and detailed extended durations (durations of the operation + downtime) of your operation, as whole, and step by step. You will then be able to download the results in the Download table.

Thanks to a clever algorithmic approach, the computation is lightning-fast: a few seconds to few minutes (in extreme cases), depending on the operation complexity and the server load.