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How to add users or edit users' permissions on my workspace?

Learn how to add users or edit user permissions on your workspace.

 If you are the administrator or owner (creator) of a workspace, you can select which user has access to your workspace and which permissions they have.

To edit the user list and their permissions, click the icon on the top-right corner and select “Workspace details”, in the menu on the left, select “Users”.

<insert screenshot with workspace details and users highlighted>

You can either add users with a role or select an existing user and remove it from the workspace or edit his permissions.

Roles and permissions at the workspace level :




All administrator permissions
+ delete the workspace


All Editor permissions
+ edit user list and permissions
+ edit workspace settings (modules, customization options)


All Viewer permissions
+ create projects in the workspace


View workspace

View public projects in that workspace

⚠️Workspace administrators are automatically set up as administrators of any projects in the workspace.

⚠️When a project admin adds a user to a project in a workspace, if he is not already a member of the workspace, he will automatically be added as a user of the workspace with the “Viewer” permissions.