What are the difference between regular users and managers?

Differences between regular users and managers on Metocean Analytics

A collaborator can either be a user or a manager:

Managers can:
   ➙ create new projects,
   ➙ add, remove or edit points on a project,
   ➙ launch a project computation (and use credits),
   ➙ buy 2D statistics (and use credits),
   ➙ purchase 2D maps (and use credits),
   ➙ launch an Avanced Weather Downtime computation,
   ➙ invite collaborators,
   ➙ along with the other basic functionalities listed below.

But regular users can only:

   ➙ consult the DATA VALIDATIONACTIVITY and ADVANCED WEATHER DOWNTIME sections of any computed project.
   ➙ WORK ZONE: visualize the statistics of any computed project (in the ANALYZE sub-section),
   ➙ WORK ZONE: generate and view reports of any computed project (in the REPORT sub-section),

Those role can be edited in the profile section.