How to add users or edit permissions on Visi-cargo module?

Learn how to manage users' permissions on Visi-cargo Module.


The Visi-cargo module embeds a specific permission scheme, to grant access to specific customer data only. As an administrator of the project, you can add users to the project and edit those permissions directly from the module.

⚠️When you add users from the module directly, and if they are not project and/or workspace members already, you add them as “Viewers” to the project, and to the Workspace.
To edit their permissions on a project or workspace level, please see the following documentation:

⚠️Workspace admins are automatically project admins of all workspace projects. As such, they have access to the Visi-cargo module and can edit the user lists and permission on the module, even if they are not listed as users.

The workspace admin permissions cannot be edited. It’s a known limitation, and we are working on it.

Can’t see the settings? If you can’t see that button, you don’t have permission to edit settings on the module. Please contact your project administrator.